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  • GLORY” Waist-Crystal Harmonizes The Chakras, Brings In Joy, Abundance While Protecting The Aura From Negative Energy.


    • Rose Quartz  
    • Peridot 
    • Auralite 23 
    • Clear Quartz 
    • Fluorite  
    • Onyx 
    • Crazy Lace Agate 
    • Hematite
    • Clear Quartz 
    • Jade
    • Crazy Lace Agate Protects you from outside energies. Enhances grounding. Helps you go with the flow during difficult times. Aids you when you’re recovering from exhaustion or fatigue Increases emotional stability. Helps you release attachments to things that no longer serve you. Instills inner strength. Balances your emotional, physical and intellectual energies.
      Harmonizes Yin and Yang energies in the body. Encourages clear decision making. Assists you in dealing with unresolved emotional pain. Helps you find laughter and joy
      Increases stamina and physical energy. Promotes vitality Enhances creativity and allows you to sink into your creative flow. The crystal itself, works with the upper chakras, but more specifically, has a healing role all over the body. 
    • Auralite-23 crystal enhances healing, personal development and intuition extensively and on many levels and can really only be appreciated once it’s been held. It is a crystal of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration. Auralite-23 is excellent tool for spiritual healing, brings about inner purification, increases our psychic sensitivity, insights into truth, lucid dreaming, balanced awakenings, experiences with our angels and visions of future events. It lets us remember our past live, the associated karma and then helps us release those old karmic patterns. Auralite 23 is one stone composed of 23 different minerals sharing the individual qualities of each minerals metaphysical and healing property. Auralite 23 is a crystal for Code Clearing, DNA Healing and Cellular Activation. Auralite -23 crystals are about 1.2 billion years old.